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Welcome to Virtus Financial Group of Companies

Virtus Financial Group - Your Choice For Property Management, Using Real Estate as an Investment For Retirement

Mission Statement

The goal of the Virtus Financial Group is to provide passive investors with quality property management, to assist them in creating wealth and retirement income through the acquisition, development and continual management of real estate properties to their fullest potential.

Corporate Profile

Virtus Financial Group is an Ontario based Company specializing in acquiring and re-developing income producing real estate. The types of properties we purchase typically suffer from weak management/leasing expertise and/or weak ownership. Our interest in your project may be as a buyer, property manager or partner.

Virtus Financial Corporation is also able to offer existing and/or potential commercial landlords guidance in the acquisition, development and leasing of commercial properties within selected markets in Canada. Virtus Financial has a wealth of knowledge in this field.

Our Team

  • Aurelio Baglione – President
  • James Gray – Vice President, Property Management
  • Jim Green – Vice President, Financial Sevices
  • Emile Lelievre – Vice President, Construction and Development
  • Alexander Baglione – Vice President
  • Mohammad Shafiee – Controller
  • Maria Saunders – Office Administrator
  • Cynthia Salamat – Property Management Dept.
  • Cherif Saleh – General Counsel
  • Accountants/Auditor – Segall LLP

Why You Should Consider Real Estate as an Investment:

At the Virtus Financial Group, it comes down to strategy. Our strategy is to provide our clients with sustainable long-term passive income by:

  • Continuing to effectively manage our current properties
  • Expanding geographically through acquisitions
  • Increasing the value of our properties through proactive asset management
  • Owning our own real estate portfolio we empathize with landlord concerns hence are always diligent in increasing revenues and decreasing costs
We stand behind our philosophy by "walking the walk," not just "talking the walk."